We provide professional management for Air BnB listed properties


Filling Up Your Calendar

Through websites such as Booking.com and AirBnB which have over 750 million visitors every month between them, we are able to get you maximum occupancy for your area and property type.

We understand the algorithm of these website platforms which is something most management companies literally know nothing about. It is important to be on page 1 of these platforms just like it is important to be on page 1 of Google and not page 10.

We also pride ourselves on not only getting you lots of guests, but also quality guests. We request government ID from every single guest upon booking. If they do not provide it so we can verify them, then they do not stay in our properties. This protects us and also sorts and sifts the bad eggs from quality guests.

We also ask the reason for their stay, how many people are staying and request that they sign off on our house rules. Our house rules include but are not limited to; strictly no parties and no smoking. For most of our properties it is also a no pet zone.

From there, we make sure we list your property so that it stands out and converts. Then, we make sure that you get nothing short of 5-star reviews because of the way your property looks, our customer service throughout their stay and the 1%ers that make a stay memorable such as a welcome gift.

The number 1 reason someone will book your property is the pictures. They look at the pictures first, then the reviews and then the description. You can’t take short cuts on your pictures. This is another service that Short Stay Genie provides as part of the set-up of your property. We will arrange quality photos to be taken and used in your listing.

The listing across all booking platforms will make sure it gets maximum eyes on it. They will see the pictures and read the description and just have to book it without looking anywhere else.

Guest Communications and Requests

From the moment of a booking or enquiry, we are right onto the communication within minutes, because if you are not, they will be a very good chance to stay somewhere else.

We answer all enquiries and questions and get them booked in. We then handle the deposit, payment and any special requests from the guests. They receive full instructions on finding the property and how to check in well in advance to their stay. They get follow up messages from us on check in, throughout their stay and again on check out. We also communicate after their stay to make sure they enjoyed their stay.

Any questions, concerns, or requests while the guests are staying at your property are also handled by our team promptly.

Check ins and Check outs

We handle all guest check in’s and check outs. You do not want to be meeting people at every single check in and check out (Unless of course you would like to). For most owners this is the last thing they want to be doing. Leave it to our team of experts to make sure your guests get a fast and seamless check in process to their stay.

Cleaning and Linen

We have an incredible team of cleaners. This side of the business can make or break the whole system. Skilled and reliable cleaners leave the place looking sparkling, just like a 5-star hotel. They get the job done every time in a quick and professional manner and always communicate any stock take needed such as soaps, toilet paper etc. They are a big reason your short term stay journey can be so easy and why you get 5-star reviews.

Of course, bad cleaners can make it a nightmare. If they don’t show up, charge a fortune, do a substandard job, have staff turnover, don’t communicate etc., then your reviews will start to go down and stress levels go up. At Short Stay Genie we have the best team of cleaners and it shows in our reviews. If you want a 5-star resort clean that you could run your white gloves over then you will love our cleaning Genies.

Staging Your Property

This can be done by you, or we are also happy to stage your property. There are a few ways we can get involved here – We can do it all, from finding furniture, meeting the delivery drivers, fitting out the apartment or house and getting it ready for a 5-stay viewing.

Or, you may have already done most of it and want us to put on the finishing touches. There are always things we recommend like inexpensive artwork, throw rugs, colored pillows, great looking plastic plants etc. You do not need to spend a fortune on fitting out your house for short term stays, we can show you how to do it 5-star without breaking the bank.

Our portfolio shows the quality work we do. By the time the apartment is ready to go, it looks absolutely stunning and will get 5-star reviews. But we do this without breaking the budget. That helps you to get maximum returns.

We will also take care of all maintenance issues for you, so that you do not have to worry about it. Your property needs to stay in great shape always without any nasty surprises.

*All fit-outs and contents is at the expense of the owner. Extra fees may apply to get Short Stay Genie heavily involved with this stage. It is part of the business we love to do.

Collecting Payment and Providing Reports

Short Stay Genie collects all deposits and nightly rates. We take care of the Linen and cleaners including their payments which are taken out of that month’s bookings. We also take care of all online fees, software costs etc. as the bookings come in.

At the end of every month we send the owners a report and their income from that month. The report contains all bookings and expenses, occupancy and average nightly rate. We are also happy to do a monthly call with the owner should they want it. Of course, we are available anytime to talk with owners should they have any questions or concerns.

After expenses are taken out our fee is 20% and the owner receives 80%.

We can also do an initial report for you if you are not sure how much you can get per night, or even if your property is suitable for short term stays. We can provide an idea of what you would be looking at through our proprietary software.